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DCR can provide engineering, design and fabrication for custom ASME/TEMA pressure vessels with ASME U stamps and CE Marking when applicable.

We offer all standard TEMA configurations including P, S, T and W types designed in accordance to ASME code, section VIII, division 1 Part UHX and TEMA C, B and R requirements. Shell sizes range from 4" up to 144" in diameter and design pressures from full vacuum to 3000 PSI.

DCR manufactures repairs and refurbishes any size and type of heat exchanger including:
  • Shell & Tube Bundles
  • Straight-tubed Heat Exchangers
  • U-Bundle Heat Exchangers
  • Coil-style Heat Exchangers
  • Hairpin Exchangers
  • Shell & Tube Evaporators
  • Retubing and Repair
  • Fixed Tubesheet Design
  • Floating Tubesheet Design
  • U-tube Design (Removable Coils)
  • Bayonet Type Heaters/Coolers
  • Internal/External Prate Coils

DCR can provide complete drilling and machining capabilities for fast track projects with state-of-the-art automatic tubesheet drilling equipment is accurate to 0.0002". Drilling equipment is numerically controlled to insure the accuracy required for baffles and tube sheets unique to heat exchangers. This capability includes heavy duty drilling capacity that has the ability to accurately drill tube sheets up to 10" thick and 120" in diameter.

Tube-tube sheet welding utilizes modern computer controlled machines that make the tube to tube sheet joint in a uniform manner, with and without filler metal as the procedure requires.

Qualified ASME welders and an extensive radiographic capability support all types of ASME Section VIII construction, including lethal service requirements. Heat treating is also available.