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DCR Fabrication, Inc.

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DCR has a 750 ton/month production capacity and we are capable of producing up to 2,200 piping spools per month (large and small bore). Fabrication of vessels up to 20 feet in diameter is limited only by the length which can be shipped. For tall column/tower fabrication, field assembly and stamping under our "U" Certificate is available.

DCR utilizes the capabilities of the latest in modern metal forming and cutting equipment and offers laser, water jet, plasma arc and oxy fuel systems to insure cost effectiveness and precise adherence to dimensional requirements.

DCR can provide heavy section machining capabilities that include CNC drilling, boring and milling equipment to insure the accuracy required to satisfy the most stringent project requirements and tightest industry tolerances are met.

DCR's fabrication documents identify all quality requirements applicable to a particular project and DCR inspection & test plans ensure that critical customer, code and DCR requirements are clearly communicated to shop craftsmen as well as quality control personnel.